PooFlingers H3


October 7-10, 2022

T2 R10 Maine

Wheelbarrow Pitch, $40 for patch, hab and other misc stuff, TP, Sunday bloodies, plastic cutlery/PT. Personal and Trail bevys are BYOB. Campsite is $13.08/ night for non-Maine residents, paid to ‘iron ranger’ on site. Rego by 9/7 for guaranteed hab. Rego by 9/14 for guaranteed patch. Cap is 24. No day-of allowed.

Who’s C*ming (updated 9/14)

Nips, Bleeps, Gimp, Rainblow, Lubey, Blackie, Wonka, O’Bone’R, Chunderelli, Peepers, Udder, Frosty, Douche, Wiki, Counterfeit, P.Factory, Spunk, Harlot, Damp Cake, Panties, Buttler

Other Randomness

PooF 1-54: Nips Bleeps Jimmy 2ndC Puss Counter Gnome +2 Buttler Tw*t IET Gimp AB Peppermint Fu Swampy NT*ts Stops IEC Face Barbie Wonka Krusty Latte D*uche Cl*t Bros Spunk Roscoe Harlot Puffy(dec.) Sphincter TuTu Buck Vomit Metro Cougar(dec.) Mudsl*t CEP Nutter TwoMinute Wiki S*men ShowMe Celine Blackie JTF Blowho(dec.) TooShort Mommy O’Bone’R Sketchy Pockets Rainblow

PMoN 1-2: Peepers Udder