Haring Guide


  • Contact Nips or Bleeps if interested in setting a PooFlingers trail.  They will let you know the next available date (PooF trails occur once a month, and with enough advance notice, are often set around events that other kennels are having which PooF members/regulars are likely attending)  PooF may try to find an additional date here or there if demand happens to be particularily high (normally there are plenty of dates in a year to accomodate those that want one).  Keep in mind that this is not always possible as we try to avoid other events.  If we do fit in an extra date, priority is given to those who show up regularly.
  • 3-4miles MAX "true" trail.  Hares setting trails of 5 or more miles including falses may be asked to not hare for the PooFlingers again.
  • Ideally, trails should be A-A or A-A' given that they are generally not set along public transportation lines
  • DO NOT set trail on private property (unless you own it)
  • Avoid train tracks.  IF it is absolutly necessary that trail cross train tracks, make it a direct crossing, avoid bridges/areas where there is no safe way to get out of harm's way, and research train schedules so you can set trail to avoid useage times
  • PooFlingers is about setting trails with little-to-no pavement.  While you do not have to hit every patch of swamp or briars, shiggy is strongly encouraged.  The important thing is that trail be interesting.
  • Be aware that some of our pack members may not be able to swim or have difficulty climbing
  • If using flour, please color it
  • **Important Notes About Winter Trails: Be aware that due to poor winter weather, trails may need to be reduced to 2-3 miles, even less if conditions are really poor on the day of trail.  Water crossings will be tempting, but hares must be SURE ice is thick enough to support the packs' combined weight AND that the distance from shore to shore will easliy allow pack member to reach & help another if necessary.  Also, indoor on-ins might need to be considered to get folks out of the cold - contact Nips or Bleeps in advance in case hash cash needs to be adjusted.**

Beer Checks and Circle...

  • Choose a discrete outdoor location for both BC's and Circles
  • Given that we are a $5 hash, one BC is generally all that hash cash will allow for
  • PooF does "r*nning" beer checks - hares should be prepared to make sure thier beer car has arrived at the BC, and then head off immediatly to continue setting trail (not wait for pack).  As pack members hit the BC, they will drink quickly and head back out on trail in an effort to snare the hares.

Beer, snacks, etc...

  • While not mandatory, we do encourage rsvp's when we announce your trail so you can better plan beer/snacks.  We try to get that count to the hares on the Friday morning before trail.  It is a safe bet to assume a cuople more people will show up than what the rsvp count says, so plan accordingly.
  • For an 18-20 person pack (inc. hares and beer car), 3 30-packs, 1 gallon of water, and 2-3 bags of snacks have managed to cover trail and circle ok.  Winter Trail Note: we've found that winter trail beer count drops drastically - combined trail and cricle beer consumption can be as low as 2, maybe 3, beers a person.
  • Hash cash is $5 for EVERYONE.  Cash should be taken in by Nips or Bleeps.  Hares will be reimbursed for their expenses out of cash collected, however, if the hares over-spent, they are responsible for covering any overages.  A least $1 per pack member will be withheld at every trail and placed into a PooF fund for haberdashery, challenges, etc. - that money will NOT be used to cover for hares who overspend on future trails.


  • PooF circles are outside
  • Hares should find an On-After location not far from trail's end for interested parties to go to grab food, additional beer, and socailize more if they are up to it.
  • On-After's are pay-as-you go
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