N*pples Erectus (Founder, aka #1)

Nips' first hash was in 2003 with San Antonio H3.  Since then, she has primarily hashed with Boston H3, and was also adopted by Seacoast H3.  Hashers often comment on the incredible size of her...emails.

Bleeps, Sweeps, and Creeps (Founder, aka #2)

Bleeps' began hashing with Tidewater H3 in 2004, transplanting to Seacoast H3 in 2005 and has also been adopted by Boston H3.  He is the white sticky stuff that holds this marshmallow sandwich that we call PooF H3 together.

Jimmy "I'll do anything to be a PooFlinger" Crack Whore  (#3)

Jimmy c*ms to us from the Happy Valley H3, but clearly we make him happier....and by becoming the first idiot to sucessfully complete all challenges put in front of him, he has in turn made us very happy.  In the pants.

THE 2nd C*mming  (#4)

A former Boston H3 GM.  Best way to describe him: "Happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

P*ssy Factory  (#5)

She puts the "meow!" in MILF, and is bringing sexy back, front, sideways, and positions you ain't even dreampt of.  Sorry Da Pitts H3, we have no intention of giving her back.

Counterfeit Dick  aka Ronnie the Retard (#6)

Another Da Pitts H3 alum, Counterfeit isn't afraid to show what's inside him.  Seriously, give him some space or he might hurl on you.

Yellow Dick Gnome (#7)

Yes kids, there is another Dick in our family.  Though she was a virgin hasher to Boston H3, she had her virgin lay with us, and now wants to lay PooFlingers all the time.

+2 Coonass (#8)

He's hashed with kennels in exotic locales like Okinawa and Atlanta (Wheelhopper H3), but New England hashing is where it's at!  Or at least that's what we keep telling him.  The brainwashing has worked because he only too willingly drank the 'kool-aid" (PBR) and is now one of us.

The Buttler Hit It (#9)

Sure he is active in both Boston Moon and Boston, but only PooF can satisfy his craving for things that taste like chicken, but smell like fish....and Phish.

Twat My Mom (#10)

We'll forgive Twat for founding the Boston BallBusters H3 (which is basically the polar opposite of PooF), because he is good looking, a snappy dress-er, and can hold his liquor and eggs...unlike #6.

I Eat Teabags (#11)

No one can teabag Teabags the way the PooF can...not the Boston H3 and not the Boston Moon.  His smile, his laugh, his devil-may-care hashing attitude, and mostly, his ability to kiss the GM's ass*s is what makes him the model PooFer.

Bring Out the Gimp (#12)

Yet another Boston and Boston Moon alum, our quest for domination over the Boston area kennels continues by taking the bald and the beautiful Gimp into our fold.  He is our unofficial hash flash, yet oddly, it is rare that we see him flash.  We need to officially change that.

An*l Beads (#13)

He likes hot sauce, we like hot sauce.  He likes beer, we like beer.  He has awesome hair, we like his awesome hair.  He likes PooF better than Boston, .......

Peppermint P*ssy (#14)

One of the Boston smaht kids, her intelligence is now undeniable since making the wise decision to become a PooFlinger.  She's since gone on to infiltrate kennels in Baltimore and Florida.

Fuwangi Boner (#15)

Our first Rhode Island H3 member.....by a only a couple seconds, and had to beat a girl to become #15.  And how did he beat her?  He sucked harder.  His digits start with 401-555-.....

Swamp Whine (#16)

Our second Rhode Island member....she let Fuwangi beat her at thier challenge so she wouldn't have to put up with his crying.  She can drink from my jugs anytime.

Nice T*ts (#17)

Another Boston H3er, she is the 3rd former Boston GM in our ranks (and current Boston Hash Cash....we'll try not to siphon funds, but, well, we do like having money for beer....).  She is also member of the elusive and exclusive trif*kta, but that is a tale for another day....

Stops to Pet the P*ssy (#18)

We're happy to induct this member of Burlington H3 (our first Vermonter!), mostly because he owns a boat...a mutha f*ckin boat.

I Eat C*m (#19)

This wanker has spent time with numerous hashes (and we can only assume with numerous hashers), including Okinawa H3, Boston H3, and 413 H3.

Face Down, No One to Blow (#20)

If awesome had a face, this would be that Face.  A fomer Burlington H3's GM, she joins the ranks of mismanagement from other kennels who secretly think we're cooler.  Face has relocated to North Carolina and can be found terrorizing kennels down there.

Bondage Barbie (#21)

Orignially a Boston H3 hasher, transplanted to Burlington H3, she was one of the first two people to ever do a 'regular' PooF challenge, which we then partially named after her.

Willy Wonka and the Backdoor Factory (#22)

She sucks cherries and swills whiskey, of course she is a PooFlinger!  Sorry Boston H3, we've lured another into our ranks.

Krusty the Meat Miser (#23)

Founder of the C*mbridge H3.  Legendary beer miler.  Wearer of disco pants.  He's sexy and he knows it.

Dirty Latte Sanchez  (#24)

Could it be, another former Boston H3 GM has joined our ranks?  She is our 10th female member, and a '10' as a harriette.

E=I'm a Douche (#25)

He's from Boston H3, so he must be a douche :)

Cl*t Notes (#26)

If PooF = aweome hashing in the northeast, Cl*t = awesome everywhere (not just Boston H3 anymore!).

Sticks It to the Bros (#27)

The most racist Boston H3 hasher we know.

Spunk in the Trunk (#28)

The world famous Spunk has finally decided to class up the PooF by joining our ranks.  Bud Light Lime's and leftover holiday chocolate for everyone!

Roscoe Pee C*m Stain (#29)

Burlington H3's finest, he wears his liquor well.

Harlot Globe Fondler (#30)

This shy wallflower has found a home with us after searching for acceptance of her demure personality at the Burlington and Boston kennels.

Puff'n Stuff (#31)

Longtime member of Boston H3, he loved hashing and sharing hash songs. Rest in peace.

Sphincter Scicle (#32)

With roots with the Onslow H3, Okinawa H3 (where apparently he has an alias...that's not sketchy at all), and a few other kennels, we've given him a place to call home in New England.

TuTu Fairy (#33)

TuTu is now ThreeThree.....his idea, not ours (turns out, he's a hash geek).  Perhaps all those years with the Nittany Valley hash warped him, but on the bright side, that saves us some effort.

Buck-a-Fuffalo (#34)

We're pretty sure Buck is trying to worm his way into our kennel as part of a secret Carolina Trash plot to take over hashing in New England, but he's just so damn pretty we can't be mad at him.  

Vomit Sutra (#35)

Started hashing in Reno, and within the span of a year moved to Brattleboro, VT and founded the CVNT H3 which has become a thriving kennel, many of whom have followed his lead and started hashing with PooF as well.

Metro Testicle (#36)

Another member of the CVNT H3, Metro was named at a PooF trail, and duked it out with Vomit, meeting him challenge for challenge, trail for trail, in his quest to become a PooFlinger. 

Cougar Whisperer (#37)

Coming to us from Sarasota Circus H3, Cougar overacheived his final challenge, as far as we can tell competing against himself and not the two other people participating.  He wins the award for sashed PooFlinger hailing from the furthest home kennel.

Mudslut (#38)

Mudslut was a member of Rhode Island H3 before becoming a MAssole, and now calls the Eager For Beaver H3 her home kennel.  The naked truth is that there are many reasons we love her, and are psyched to have her as a PooFlinger.

Can't Eat P*ssy (#39)

CEP also is a RI H3 hasher who moved to Massachusetts, and is a founder of the Eager for Beaver H3.  It only took him 18 trails to get around to doing his final challenge, and now that he's one of us, we're not letting him go.

Nutter Butthole (#40)

This girl is one tough mutha.  PooF had the honor of hosting the naming of this lovely CVNT H3 harriette, and are now honored to have made her one of us, snuggie and all.

Two Minute Ride  (#41)

He puts the 'happy' in Happy Valley (seriously, he is exceedingly cheerful), can't golf worth a damn, and loves nature which is odd because until his final challenge he might not have actually understood what shiggy and pooflinging were.

Wikipedophilia (#42)

What he lacks in speaking or spelling skills, he makes up for with hashing enthusiasm.  He good naturedly takes our sh*t, err, poo, and currently also takes sh*t from the Boston H3 kennel as their GM.

Semen After *ss (#43)

Awesome things come in small packages.  She's wee but she's got a bigger sack (of moose poop) than anyone we know.   Thank you Happy Valley H3 for sharing her with us!

Show Me the P*nis (#44)

Male or female, you gotta admire a girl who so proudly loves the pen*s.....and who isn't afraid to hip check a guy twice her size to get the PooF # she wanted.  She started off with CVNT H3, and is now with Boston H3.

Celine Ding-Dong (#45)

He will literally give you the shirt off his back (so you can wear it as a dress), is an awesome songmeister, and has an infectious smile/laugh (the one time 'infectious' is used in a positive way when associated with hashers/hashing).  Celine is another Happy Valley H3 alum.....

Black C*ck Down (#46)

Haaaaave ya met Blackie?  Really, we don't know crap about him....he goes away for long periods of time, thinks he's a bird or some sh*t, and does a horrible helicopter impression.  But he's ours (and Boston H3's....but mostly ours).

Just Trent Forever (#47)

From Northboro H3, he's never met an Evil Monkey he didn't like and will comete with you on any challenge whether you want to be competative or not.

Reverend Blowho (#48)

Founder of Northboro H3, he introduced many of his kennel to ours, and always brought enthusiasm to our trails.  Rest in peace Blowho.

Too Short to Tuck (#49)

He seems to be the more level-headed of our Northboro H3 PooFers, but we're pretty sure he is secretly behind a lot of their schenanigans.  Another awesome addition to our kennel.

Bend Over Mommy (#50)

Another Boston H3 alum, skilled at 'shoting' herself ladders, and scaling yard-jenga walls.  She's some kinda super-hero.

O'Boner (#51)

Adding to her list of poor hashing decisions, this lovely Rhode Island H3 harriette brings music into our lives.....unless she is forced to climb every mountain.

Sketchy Ho (#52)

Yet another Boston H3 harriette.  She's a triple threat - lovely, drinks whiskey, and effortlessly decrypts code, even when Bleeps screws it up.  Secret Agent Ho.

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