Middle of Nowhere Hash Weekend


 OCTOBER 11-14, 2019
T2 R10 Maine.
Northernmost (known) US hash event east of the Mississippi

Tentative Schedule: (written in Jello using chopsticks)

Friday, Oct 11th
  • 1:30p: Camp opens. Set up your crap, get acquainted, eat your food, drink your beers, engage in shenanigans.
  • 9PM:  Orienteering Challenge start (or whenever Bleeps' decides...possible he'll start it Saturday....he'll let you know)
Saturday, Oct 12th
  • 1PMish: PooF Trail
  • Directly Following Circle:  Challenges for those who have given us advanced notice
  • The usual shenanigans for the remainder of the day
Sunday, October 13th
  • 9:30AM: Easy Like Sunday Morning Hash (probably...unless we gt too asual)
  • 12PM: Triathlon of Stupidity, Stage 1 - Run
  • 3PM: Triathlon of Stupidity, Stage 2 - Swim
  • 6PM: Triathlon of Stupidity, Stage 3 - Bike
  • 9PM:  Orienteering End
  • Followed by the usual nonsense.
Monday, October 14th
  • 10AM: GTFO
*Poof Survival Orienteering Challenge is a 48 hour event with elements of orienteering, land navigation, bushwacking, scavenger hunt, problem solving, etc. Basically, participants get a map and a list of various locations they must find, using whatever resources are available to them. Participants work at their own pace and complete whatever they feel like. More details to follow, pending sufficient interest in doing something crazy like this.
There will be a short window of time designated Saturday and Sunday to attempt non-trail dependant regular PooF challenges.

Cost $65
  • Cost INCLUDES: Camping, beverages and snacks for trails, haberdashery, and misc supplies (paper plates and silverware...)
  • Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE: tent, personal food and beverages for the weekend, ice/ability to keep food stored/fresh
  • Payments must be made at time of rego and are non-refundable. 
Who's Coming: 

N*pples Erectus                                              PooF H3                       1                                        
Bleeps, Sweeps and Creeps                           PooF H3                      2
Willy Wonka and the Backdoor Factory          Boston H3                    22
Peeping Tom P*ssy                                         Boston H3
Wikipedophilia                                                  Boston H3                  42
Serial Lubist                                                     Burlington H3                  
Counterfeit Dick                                               413 H3                        6
P*ssy Factory                                                  413 H3                         5
The Buttler Hit It                                               Boston H3                  9
Not Just the Tip                                                Burlington H3
Two Minute Ride                                              Happy CVNT H3        41
Udder Whore                                                   Boston H3
BringOut the Gimp                                           Eager 4 Beaver H3    12
O'Bone'R                                                          Rhode Island H3       51
Easy                                                                 Boston H3
Nurse RainBlow                                                Burlington H3
Just Imaginary Flaming Pocket Balls of Fire    Ranchero Hoot H3
Harlot Globe Fondler                                        PooFlinger H3           30
Blackie                                                             PooFlinger H3            46

  • This event is being held on the edge of the 100 mile Wilderness, which means the chances of you getting indefinitely lost if you decide to zen or otherwise wander off during the weekend infinitely higher
  • While not uncommon for us to issue a hunting warning for a fall PooF trail, the sheer size of these woods and quantity of wildlife makes the warning for this trail more crucial. Wearing at least one brightly colored item on trail is strongly recommended (season at the time we'll be there includes deer by bow, bear by dog, quail/grouse/turkey/rabbut/squirrel/pheasant by gun)
  • Much of the land we'll be on is owned by logging companies.  We'll endeavor to keep out of active areas, but please tread cautiously thru deadfall, etc.
  • It's Maine in mid-October - it WILL be COLD!
  • The Golden Road is also owned by the logging companies, although they allow public use.  Please make note of the rules/regs of the road which are clearly posted as you near the Golden Road (logging trucks have the right of way!), and keep a watchful eye out for wildlife.  Also be aware that the Golden Road is semi-paved/semi-gravel.  Offshoots to the campsite and trails will be narrow dirt with a smattering of small rocks and dips.
  • Cell service is very spotty.  Please make sure you have your directions ready before you head up as you may not be able to contact folks already at camp or on trail.
  • The nearest town is Millinocket - 20mi away.  Please be sure to fill up your gas tank before leaving town to get on the Golden Road (we recommend the Dead River Gas Station across from the Rite Aid), and get any last food supplies (we recommend the Hannaford which is a half a block before the Dead River Gas Station). There is a private campground with a store near to where we'll be, but we would not advise relying on it.
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMOVING YOUR TRASH FROM THE CAMP WHEN YOU LEAVE.  Please keep in mind that your hares vehicles are full of stuff for the event and we do not have the capacity to clean up and carry stuff out for you.
  • Please respect your fellow hashers, other folks we run into, the rules of the campground, the nature around you, and any cautions Nips and Bleeps express.
  • PooF mis-management does not support 'smoking'  Please do not smoke at/near/upwind of where we'll be gathering for meals, campfire, and schenanigans.
  • If you sell your rego to someone, you and the person you are selling to need to notify us ASAP.  If haberdashery ends up being a clothing item, we make no guarantee that the person you sell to will be able to get it in his/her size.
  • By signing the waiver when you pay your rego, you aknowledge that you've read and understand the above, and intend to act accordingly.
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