Trail #19 - Hash Trash

Trail #19 - 2nd World Peace Thru Beer

Date:  October 22, 2011

Location: Mount Misery Campground Parking area, Pachaug State Forrest, Voluntown, CT

Hares: N*pples Erectus and Bleeps, Sweeps, and Creeps

Pack:  From PooF - Jimmy Crack Whore, THE 2nd C*mming, P*ssy Factory, Counterfeit Dick, The Buttler Hit It, Twat My Mom, Fuwangi Boner, Swamp Whine.  From Boston - Catheter the Great, Cl*t Notes, Dirty Latte Sanchez, Just Brandon, Puff N Stuff, Sketchy Ho, Willy Wonka and the Backdoor Factory.  From Burlington - Bondage Barbie, Face Down No One to Blow, Stops to Pet the P*ssy.   From C*mbridge - Krusty the Meat Miser.  From 413 - I Eat C*m. 

After several days of rain earlier in the week, there was a good chance that trail wasn't going to be quite as scouted, though who could have predicted that canoes might be neccessary?   Pack took off from the hare's campsite, across a field and into the rhodendenron sanctuary - did you know that rhodedenron can grow as tall as trees and resemble a jungle?  The brackish muck on either side of the path was just a sign of what was to come for the pack.  Upon reaching the end of the path, the pack hit a check on a dock, with one option being over the railing and into the water, and the other doing some serious buchwhack.  Buskwacking was true trail - in addition to fighting thru the regular brush and forrest, the pack had to clamber over fallen trees from the week's storms, mud, muck, and swamp.  Good news is that trail eventually emerged onto a dirt road!  Only said dirt road was covered in a foot of water at the low spots.  Trying to skirt the edge of the road didn't necessrily offer better footing as the ground could give way to holes up to mid-thigh in places, and the trees lining the road appeared to have sprouted from small lakes.  After a few hundred yards of this, the waters faded and dry dirt appeared, just in time to vear back into the woods where the first beer check could be found.

The second leg was a mix of trails, bushwhacking thru the forrest, and some dirt road.  The second beer check was stashed in a clearing litterally off the beaten path.  Not long after, the pack was confronted by a check at the base of steep rocky incline.  True trail went straight up of course, though Jimmy took one of the paths around the mountain and had to rely on the location of moss on trees and eventually the noises of what he hoped were hashers to find his way back to trail.  Turns out, he stumbled across Counterfeit and IEC who had gone rouge much earlier on trail and were wandering aimlessly.  Together they evetually found thier way out of the woods on onto true trail.  The rest of the pack, upon climbing the steep rock face, followed trail up to the top of Mount Misery and were treated to a spectacular view.  From the peak, the pack followed a narrow dirt trail down a short distance when suddenly pack marks took a sharp right straight down the steep mountainside. Once at the bottom, the pack was treated to a large patch of swamp with only a few rotted logs providing any source of respite.  Eventually, the muck disappeared and the pack came out of the woods into an empty campsite and followed the camp road to the picnic area where the hares and the glorious international selection of nectar awaited.

I'd love to share more antics from trail, but well, I was a hare so I can only go with some of the stories I heard, although I can say that I was told that trail was awesome by folks in the pack.  Accusations included,

FRB:  Krusty

FBI:  Face Down

DFL:  Catheter, Latte, and Sketchy

1st PooF trail:  Just Brandon, Sketchy

5th PooF trail:  Latte

15 PooF trails:  Buttler

World Peace Thru Beer Challenge successfully completed: Willy Wonka, Catheter, Latte

Evil Monkey Challenge successfully completed:  Puffy

Sangrita Flip challenge successfully completed:  Cl*t

Post trail, the pack adjorned to the campsite to watch four final PooF challenge attempts.  Similar to Jimmy's final challenge from the previous year's WPTB trail, the challengers each had to consume 5 food items and 5 shots from 5 different continents.  The deciding factor for assigning numbers was based on who could eat 5 chips covered in Dave's Insanity salsa (representing the 5th continent).  It was assumed that the Dave's would be the great equalizer and that some people wouldn't be able to eat it all, which would help establish numbers by those who could finish the most to the least.  Turns out these 4 hashers were an extremely competative lot, and each scarfed down all 5 of thier chips in the blink of an eye....which meant numbers would be assigned via chug-off so beer was procurred.  Order of chug-off finish was Stops (#18), IEC (#19), Face (#20), and Barbie (#21).  Congrats new PooFlingers!

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